Ministry of language and culture

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Ministry’s Profile

Ministry of Language and Culture is one of eight ministries in Student Council organization which handles the language’s usage and cultural events to support the school’s betterment. This ministry will work with anyone in the school  who has the relation with language and culture side. This causes the english club and theatre club are run under the guidance of this ministry started from academic year 2013-2014.

Likewise, the biggest responsibilty for this ministry is to keep the english usage known as English culture lasts longer and improve to distinguish this school from the other schools in South Sumatera or even Indonesia.

Programmes and Job description

            As we have English culture, we are endeavoring to make students speak English in the studying time as sometimes they forget to use it, we get hold of spy system as the incentive for them. It works weekly to record students’ name who are persistent in using languages apart from English.

Ministry of Language and culture is also  authoritative in the cultural sides which will boost up the spirit of the students towards their culture. Some events like Kartini’s day, Putra Putri SMAN Sumatera Selatan ( PPS ), Cultural day of regencies, Bulan Bahasa Celebration and all relates to culture are constructed under this ministry.

Our recent program which is PPS is also contributive to school as it will bring out the representative of students to be the Icon of the school. This was firstly held last year and it will be dragged on as yearly program.

As the main concern, this ministry will do such things to rise up the love and the intention of students to the language and culture.